9/11 Reflections

I learned that the 9/11 was a big terrible thing that changed the United States forever.And people risked their lives just to save someone else life.The fire fighters and military disurve a huge thank you for saving lives! And those hijackers that crashed into the twin towers need to be punished big time for what […]

Life In Fifth Grade

The past few weeks have been amazing,All the teachers are great. you will love Mr.Mcbride he is so funny.And don’t even get me started on all of the other teachers they’re so nice and generous.School has been pretty great and I even made some super nice friends.well I hope you have a great year BYE!!!


The Giramonkeyfish lives in a big field with a bunch of grass and trees. The habitat for the giramonkeyfish would be a forest. A giramonkeyfish is a omnivore it eats plants and meat. It can grow up to 80 feet tall. It can weighs up to 100 pounds. Its called the Giramonkeyfish because its part […]