Colonial Pottery

Today,I made a beautiful Pot!I made It to cook soup in the winter.But i had to go get some more clay,because the pot was so BIG!A lot of the time my hands start cramping because of kneading the clay.It can be hard to make pottery in several different ways,It takes a lot of learning.One reason […]

Colonial Leaders

Who is weetamoo? Female war leader of the Wampanoag tribe Pocasset Native American chief Heart of pocasset Warrior leader of pocasset Most powerful women in all of the tribe Queen Smart and intelligent Remarkable beauty governed the pocasset tribe The squaw Sachem That is Weetamoo!!!


Lake Tahoe     ┬áLake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the sierra Nevada mountains,straddling the border of california,Lake Tahoe known for its clarity water and the panorma of surroundings mountains on all sides.Lake Tahoe is also known because it is the second deepest lake in the united states, and tenth in the whole […]

9/11 Reflections

I learned that the 9/11 was a big terrible thing that changed the United States forever.And people risked their lives just to save someone else life.The fire fighters and military disurve a huge thank you for saving lives! And those hijackers that crashed into the twin towers need to be punished big time for what […]

Life In Fifth Grade

The past few weeks have been amazing,All the teachers are great. you will love Mr.Mcbride he is so funny.And don’t even get me started on all of the other teachers they’re so nice and generous.School has been pretty great and I even made some super nice friends.well I hope you have a great year BYE!!!